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Selecting Better Garage Doors

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A Guide to Garage Doors: Types, Maintenance, and Repair

Garage doors are an essential feature of any home or commercial establishment. They enhance the property's curb appeal and provide security to the premises. In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth guide to garage doors, including their types, maintenance, and repair.

Types of Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors: As the name implies, sectional doors are made up of panels that are connected by hinges. These are popular because they occupy less space, and their panels are customizable to fit various opening sizes.

Roll-Up Garage Doors: The doors are comprised of a solitary panel that elegantly rolls up into a drum positioned above the opening. Roll-up doors are ideal for commercial spaces or where headroom is limited.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors: These doors are similar to traditional doors in that they are hinged and swing open. They offer easy accessibility, and their timeless design suits any architectural style.

Tilt-Up Garage Doors: These doors are made of a single panel that tilts up and slides into the garage ceiling. Tilt-up doors are affordable and easy to install but require more headroom than other types.

Garage Door Maintenance

To ensure your garage door functions optimally and has a long lifespan, you need to undertake regular maintenance. Here are some tips to help you maintain your garage door.

Lubricate the moving parts: Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the springs, rollers, hinges, and tracks.

Tighten loose hardware: Check the nuts and bolts for any looseness and tighten them immediately.

Inspect the weatherstripping: Inspect the weatherstripping on the garage door frames and replace them if cracked or damaged.

Clean the door: Wipe down the door and remove dirt, debris, or cobwebs.

Garage Door Repair

Regular maintenance can help prevent common garage door problems, but they can still occur. Here are some common garage door problems.

Broken Springs: Garage door springs are essential for lifting the door and can break due to wear and tear. If you hear loud sounds when opening or closing the door, it's likely the spring is damaged and needs replacing.

Malfunctioning Opener: The garage door opener controls your door's movement, and if it's malfunctioning, it can prevent the garage door from opening or closing correctly.

Misaligned Tracks: The garage door tracks guide the door's movement, and any misalignment can cause the door to malfunction.

Damaged Panels: Garage door panels can become damaged due to accidental collisions, hail, or other severe weather conditions.

Garage doors are an integral part of any property, providing security and enhancing aesthetics. Understanding the different types of garage doors, completing regular maintenance practices, and fixing common repair problems can help you take better care of your door. However, in situations where professional repair is required, it's advisable to seek the services of a reputable technician.

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