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Selecting Better Garage Doors

When you start thinking about it, there are a lot of things that you could do differently if you want your home to look and feel like a more functional space. For starters, you should think about updating your home's exterior to create more curb appeal, since some homes could use a definite update. On this blog, there are all kinds of great tips and tricks to select better garage doors. Check out these insightful posts that highlight the tricks of the trade, so you aren't wondering what to do next with the outside of your home. After all, the right improvements now could pay off in the future.


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Know When Garage Door Replacement Might Be Most Appropriate

Garage doors can seem like a permanent fixture in the home because they last for years before they need replacement. However, like all the other fixtures inside your home, the door gets old. When this happens, you will have to replace it. Buying and installing a new garage door costs a lot of money, and sometimes, you want to squeeze the most service from the current door before replacing it. Here are some of the indicators that it's the right time for garage door replacement

You Experience Repeated Problems with the Current Door

The first indicator your garage door has lived beyond its value and usefulness is when you keep spending money on repairs. If you have had to replace the springs in the past year, change the sensor, and repair other small parts of the door, and yet it is still malfunctioning, you need to replace it. If you don't, a point might reach when the repair costs increase, and it will make more sense to replace it. You should consider a replacement, especially if you have had the door for a long time.

If the Door Has Suffered Physical Damage

Another reason why you might need to replace your garage door is if it has suffered some form of physical damage. If, for example, you backed into the garage door and the door's structure suffered damage, you will most likely have to replace it. If the damage is minor, you can check and see whether you can make minimum repairs and keep using the door. But if the door has suffered extensive damage, you have to replace it. The door could be damaged as a result of fire, gunshots, and other external physical forces. 

When You Have Had the Door for Long

The other instance where you might need to consider replacing the garage door is when you have had it for a long period. For example, if you have had the garage door for more than ten years, it's likely to have developed serious problems, especially if it's made from wood. The cost of refinishing the wooden garage door and protecting it from water and other external factors is extremely high, and replacing it might be easier. You should also consider replacing the door if it is not well-insulated, leading to loss of heat.

The key is to find professionals to help you choose a new door for your garage. Also, get an experienced garage door installation expert to help with the installation for the best outcome.