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Selecting Better Garage Doors

When you start thinking about it, there are a lot of things that you could do differently if you want your home to look and feel like a more functional space. For starters, you should think about updating your home's exterior to create more curb appeal, since some homes could use a definite update. On this blog, there are all kinds of great tips and tricks to select better garage doors. Check out these insightful posts that highlight the tricks of the trade, so you aren't wondering what to do next with the outside of your home. After all, the right improvements now could pay off in the future.


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4 Telltale Signs That It Time For A Garage Door Opener Upgrade

Homeowners have a lot of maintenance and upgrade objectives to complete to ensure that their homes are safe. Some of them may not know when they should make upgrades. As technology advances, it is important to take a look to see if upgrades need to be made. Garage door openers are likely one of the most overlooked upgrades. There is a misconception that if something is not completely irreparable repairs should continue to be sufficient.

The following points highlight key indicators that it is time to replace a garage door opener.


Garage door openers can last for many years. However, at some point, they will need to be replaced. This can be due to performance issues or outdated technology due to their age. Individuals should strongly consider that their old openers are not under warranty, and they will be solely responsible for repair issues. A new garage door opener can give homeowners peace of mind that their device will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


Modern garage door openers are designed to operate more smoothly and produce less noise. Older openers may produce noise that is loud enough for nearby neighbors to hear. This is a nuisance and disturbance that can be avoided by upgrading. The noises may sound like rattling, screeching, scraping, or grinding. 

Unreliability or Frequent Repairs 

Some homeowners may not know if their garage door is going to work or not. They may have to wait a few moments for the opener to initiate the door to open. This unreliability is frustrating for some and is a sign of an opener that is on the verge of failure. Another nuisance is having to get frequent repairs on a garage door opener. 

Difficulty Opening

If a garage door opener is faulty, it will have difficulty lifting the door. It may move slowly and shake during the opening. The door may also appear lop-sided when it is raised or get stuck. The opener may also cause the door to open halfway and then reverse. These are safety issues that could cause the door to malfunction and injure pets or humans. 

A garage door installation company is a good resource to use to determine if an upgrade is needed. They help homeowners compare models based on budget and preference. Homeowners can depend on them to ensure that the correct type of garage door opener is purchased. This involves knowing how much horsepower will be needed to lift the door, which can vary since garage doors have different weights. 

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